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Christ the King High School, Nautanwa, Maharajganj is an English Medium Institution, established and governed by the Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur. The school is affiliated to State Board.
The School aims at the integral development of the personality of every child, to make him/her committed to the service of God and of the nation, to instill in him/her a spirit of compassion, selfless service, dedication to duty, love for human beings and a thirst for excellence and wisdom. It will be our earnest effort to give equal importance to the moral development of the students.
Being governed by the Catholic Church, a minority community, the school has the primary objective of educating the children of the community. However, we never spare any effort in rendering our service to all people, irrespective of caste and creed, conserving their religion, language and culture.
Students are encouraged to maintain high ideals and to strive for excellence. We believe in imparting a kind of education that is all comprehensive - giving equal importance to the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual realms of a student. Along with the quest for academic brilliance, efforts are made to mould them in to better human beings.

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We work hard to improve student ACHIEVEMENT

The Catholic Diocese of Education Group focuses upon the widespread interest on the quality based school reforms proposals. This is an analogue to the educative development of the institution and unlimitedly of the society at large. The Proponents of this claim to bring a much needed close of entreprenerial spirit and a competitive ethos to better Public education.

Preparing students for successful FUTURE

Good results are derived from good management. Good management is based on good decision making. Good decision making depends on good information. Good information requires good data and careful analysis of the data Christ the King High School is a planned work together to achieve its stated objectives and activated results.

Providing healthy learning ENVIRONMENT

School climate reflects the Physical and Psychological aspect of the school that are more susceptible to change and that provide the preconditions necessary for an effective teaching and learning to take place the motive of with and apt management. “Christ the King High School” is to create a value oriented schools climate in all the school of Noth-Eastern region of U.P.


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